Belmont Runyon Elementry School

TAK was awarded the 2005 New Jersey Golden Trowel Award presented by the International Masonry Institute in conjunction with the BAC NJ Locals 4 & 5 for Best in Category – Elementary Schools for its masonry work.

In 2003, TAK was awarded the Belmont-Runyon Elementary School of Performing Arts, Science and Technology as part of a comprehensive urban redevelopment plan for the city of Newark, New Jersey which aims to raise life quality and economic stability in the area. The new pre-K through 5th grade school emphasizes arts, science and technology. It encompasses 116,000 sf and includes science and computer labs, a state-of-the-art media center, auditorium, gymnasium, and a community outreach center.

The site was developed as a park with a a themed landscape with part event space and part educational environment. It includes piano keyboard and filmstrip walkways, saxophone shaped playground, space-themed outdoor amphitheatre and age appropriate and aquatic playgrounds.