Kensington Court Assisted Living Community & Adult Day Care

TAK recently completed construction on this 124 unit assisted living community and adult day care facility in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The facility consists of a central core building and two residential wings. The central 2-story building houses the community and amenities areas combined with 42 residence units and partial basement. The 2-story south wing houses 56 living units and is attached to the center building by an elaborate greenhouse. The 2-story north wing, also connected to the center building, houses 10 living units and 16 Alzheimer living units with services area.

The centralized multi-purpose room features a two-story high meeting room accented with skylights for a very aesthetically pleasing and open atmosphere. The amenities feature a full-service kitchen, a salon, library, mail center, store, exercise rooms, laundry and greenhouse. The facility features state-of-the-art technology including a wireless nurse-call and monitoring system, and self-controlled heating and air conditioning units in each apartment.

Overcoming Site Constraints
Bordered by wetlands to the north and existing residential communities to the west and south, TAK overcame the constraints of the site’s restricting size and confined location. TAK established critical relationships with the state and township inspectors as well as community residents to ensure smooth, steady construction progress!

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