Phillipsburg Early Childhood Center

TAK completed this $22 Million Early Childhood Center in Phillipsburg, NJ under the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation (NJSSC) in 2005. It is the first new school building dedicated solely to pre-school and kindergarten children under the NJSSC program. The building consists of classrooms designed around the needs of pre-school and kindergarten children, a gymnasium, a media center with computer technology, music and art rooms, a centralized cafetorium and administration areas.

This high-performance school was designed and constructed based on the needs of 3, 4, and 5 year olds with short corridors so that distances between classrooms and common areas were minimized. All classrooms are adjacent to centralized landscaped courtyards enveloped by the building. Energy efficient and environmentally-friendly measures (such as rooftop solar panels) have been designed into the building making it a truly high-performance school of the 21st century.